India’s Richest man – Mr. Mukesh Ambani needs no introduction. Revolutionary mindset, problem solving skills and guts to disrupt – Mukesh Ambani is truly an inspirational figure many entrepreneurs look upon. Mukesh Ambani leadership skills are something you can even clone into your personality very easily and achieve huge success. The intensity of success may not be so huge like Mr. Ambani’s however definitely it will be noteworthy in your field – Be it your own small startup or your job. mukesh ambani Let’s go through the top 3 leadership skills you can imbibe into you from Mukesh Ambani

1. Asking The Right Questions

To achieve disrupting solutions, you need a problem. To know the problem, you need to ask many questions – RIGHT QUESTIONS. Back in the year 2003, when incoming/outgoing calls were heavily charged, Mukesh Ambani asked one simple question –

“What is the cheapest form of communication?”

In those days, 40 paisa postcard was cheapest form of communication. Ambani got the answer. He introduced 40 paisa/minute call rate for incoming and the most disrupting thing he did was – making outgoing calls free. “Receiving postcard is free. Why should people pay for receiving calls” – Mukesh Ambani said. He revolutionized calling in India and in next 5 years – Everyone had mobile phone in their hands.

2. Adapt to changing times

Back in the 90s and 2000s, Oil was goldmine. But these days “Data” is new oil. Mukesh Ambani had to change. If he remained in oil business, his next generation may not sustain themselves as richest family.

He changed way back in 2007 when he launched his new company JIO. Oh yes, Jio was launched in 2007. The company is already 11 years old. But from the day 1, he could have entered the telecom business and must have made fortunes by selling voice and SMS.

However, back then he knew “Data is new Oil” – He started working on 4G LTE technology where data is everything. Even voice calls go through data and not conventional telephony technology. Today he considers he is in data business not in telecom business. This was only possible because he adapted to changing times and moved over to setup new business line which will keep in income flow running for few more decades.

3. Mission in Life

Why are going to your workplace daily? Why are working and toiling hard the whole year? Why are you running a business ? You need a mission in your life. Mukesh Ambani’s motive behind all his success is his mission.

Whatever he does, he has a mission and vision ready for it. One of the most important mission in his life is delivering impactful services to his customers. That runs his daily life. What is your mission? Are you working for money/power/life etc. Everyone have their own mission in their life and you need to have it one right now.

These are few of his qualities listed which you can readily imbibe in your personality – even NOW! So what are you waiting for ?! Just go for it. May Success be with you!