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5 Things That Can Ramp Up Your Day!

Morning Routine is a crucial time of the day. After that 6-8 hrs of sleep , you wake up once again to go on through the routine , may be happily or just as mechanical as it would be. A study shows that the way you start your day is the most indicative of how the rest of the day would end.
Making your mornings worthwhile can increase your productive throughout the day. Below mentioned are some of the ways that can help you experience the “Good Morning”!
1. Drink water as soon as you get up

Water a mere combination of hydrogen and oxygen is what your body needs after that long night of sleep that has lead to dehydration. Drinking water after you get up helps increase your metabolism thus increasing the efficiency of the digestive system. Internal health is most important to keep you fit externally.

2. Exercise

Exercising within one hour after you get up , can actually increase your chances of being energetic the whole day. Exercising awakens your body to start it’s natural process and that elevated heart rate often help you feel alive and zealous.

3. Feel happy that you exist

Being optimistic about life the moment you get up is the best way to cope with the stress that you face with life. Feel happy that you are alive and that you woke up. Smile that you exist and that the people that matter to you exist.There would be around 1 million people out there that would have not woken up today. Have you thought about how lucky you are that you woke up today? So feel content that you woke up today and got one more chance to do what you want to do in life

4. Having a healthy breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast is also one of the most important contributor to a full fledged and efficiency elevation factor to your day. Protein rich diet is believed to make you more diligent and influential throughout your day rather than a carbs rich breakfast. Start with eggs or nuts breakfast and you can see the change in your mood and ultimately your energy levels.

5. Planning your day

People often become sluggish ,stagnant  and start procrastinating their work when they feel that they have lot of time to do what they want in life. Live everyday as it’s your last. That will help speed up the things that you do. There will always be tasks that feel like a hanging sword over you. My suggestion would be pick these tasks and do them first. Because the more you delay the more it will make you feel depressed.

There might be many things that you can do apart from these that can make you more successful in life.

Start with these and add your improvised techniques to it to maximize the benefits.

Renuka Shastri
I have an optimistic attitude towards life. I love writing in my free time about my real life experiences. I believe Life is really more than what we think it is. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.."


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