I had once gone to a special kids school for volunteering where I met a girl with Autism.

I have penned this poem for her:

She smiled with a twinkle in her eye
She did not know who was I

She had for the first time drawn a circle and I had given her a star
She was so happy she felt like a superstar

She went and showed her copy to her parents
On seeing that their joy knew no end

Hopes they never gave up
Although it took 8 years for her to know how to hold straight her cup

They taught her each step patiently
Never asked her why are you learning so slowly

She on her part was like a perfume of joy for one and all
Always playing with her bat and ball

She did not know what was good and what was bad
But made sure wherever she went, due to her innocence a smile people had

Winning or losing did not matter to her
Being happy was the only thing known to her

Maths and Science she might not learn
But her purity had already my heart won

I might know how to make a living
But without knowing much, her life she was already enjoying and living !!!