“All Men are the same”,  “Men will be Men”.

Remember the famous ads that go with these taglines? I have tried to think what do they mean? and what do they actually convey?

These phrases are like patent gifts for men and are used as easily as rambling “idiot” to a person pulling a door saying push. Misandry is so omnipresent that men don’t even realize it. 95% of the blogs, quotes, poetry’s , shayaris , ghazals that we read are  devoted to praise women’s beauty, her attitude, her nature, her sensuality. And ain’t it amazing that most of these Poets are Male?

What depresses a Man?

That’s when I realized that we never give Men the attention they deserve, or rather we never appreciate enough. A blog interviewing males about their emotional  stability and well being stated  that men are finding it difficult to be ,well, Men .

The reason behind it is typically due to the expectations that we have set for “Being Men“. They always are expected to be “macho” Men. Be it dating , handling personal concerns or professional aspects, the rise in the frustration levels has lowered the self confidence among these otherwise, confident and strong men.

This frustration is because of a simple fact that “all men are not the same”.  When we accept that every person is different how can we assume that every man is the same?. I have personally talked to men who are betrayed or misbehaved with in relationships, who are taken advantage of their loyal and caring nature.

Do we understand Men?

We want men to be caring, sensitive, emotional and supportive. But we tag this emotional man as “unreliable” when he is unable to take decisions. I feel we deny them the basic rights of being human, of being wrong or being confused. We need to accept them.

The journey from a boy to being a mature Man is as difficult as it is for a girl. His remarkable achievements as a caring father, a loving husband,  a protective brother and as a romantic boyfriend cannot be overlooked. A father not showing his tears when his daughter leaves the house ,  is a classic example of how society has taken toll over a Man’s emotion and moreover to appreciate the maturity with which he handles the situations. He changes from talking about girls, sex, money, cars, potty to taking responsibility for relationship, creating investments and being self reliant.

A dad is a first male in a child’s life 

Men and Women have been playing equal roles in maintaining the ecosystem and it’s function in all aspects. It’s not only about equal rights and opportunities , but it’s also about having the equal and correct mindset..

A man who gives up his seat for a lady and the woman who does not occupy the seat because of the waiting man are at the same level of appreciation.But how often do we appreciate him?  A man paying the school fees and a woman feeding her child are no different when it comes to giving Respect. But how often do we talk to him about his importance? A mother’s  womb  nourishes the baby for 9 months and a father’s heart protects it lifelong.

Getting old together is a team play 

As woman carves for Love, so does the Man. I agree that the men are more practical, but it doesn’t mean that they are not emotional. We need to appreciate and acknowledge their good deeds . We need to trust them, when the times are against them. It’s not only about being sensitive but it’s also about praising them and accepting man’s efforts and achievements . 

A rotten onion in bunch of onions is enough to judge them all.

Though this statement might be true for onions and things, let’s not apply it to humans and generalize Men. Let’s begin with having a positive mindset and giving them a chance to prove us wrong.

Let’s create a environment where we teach our sons to respect women and our daughters to respect men. Let “human” be our gender  and “humanity” be our only religion. Let’s together learn to respect the world..Let us be one!