Warren Buffett once said:

Some of the things I think , I think I find don’t make any sense when I start trying to write them down.

Write as much as you can. You can make anything by writing

You should be able to explain why you’re taking the job you’re taking, why you’re making that investment, or why you have stopped drinking. And if it can’t be done applying pencil to paper, you’d better think about it once more.

Many people ask professional writers , “Where do you guys get your ideas from?” And the common answer they give is, “Through Writing.” 

Writers don’t prepare their ideas. They never know exactly what they’ll write about until they start writing. Because the process seems to crystallizes the fuzzy ideas we all have floating around.

Write because it gives you a understanding, an understanding of the self. Once you start writing you will know what you think. Writing can enhance your perception. Writing makes you see something special in every moment. You start searching for a thing that can find words on your paper.

Writers wrld
A writer is one who sees the world from a different angle

The depth of every moment in life can be captured through writing. It makes you bold to express your ideas and to know the depth at which your heart thinks.

Don’t write because you want to say something. Write because you have something to say.

Ever felt you could have said a thousand words to someone, but couldn’t do it. Take a pen and start bleeding on that typewriter. I bet you will feel amazing after that. After all your mind just needs to say it and get it out of your head. And you are done. Relieve your mind off the stress created by your thoughts.

So, get to your pen and start writing……..

Write your story  , your observation, your lessons, your failures,  your achievements and inspire yourself and others to write.