This story is based on Self Discipline.

I stay in Mumbai, India. My college – SAKEC-Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering falls on the harbour side & I stay at central side which is almost parallel to each other.. Since daily I need to travel by train I have to cross the bridge while reaching my destination.

Mornings on the station witness many people including office goers and students. The station has a very small bridge to pass by and all the incoming and outgoing trains share a single platform thereby creating a lot of rush specially in the peak hours.

Every time the commuters have to be advised and also need to be paid special attention for following the rules and regulations. They had to be deliberately told about following the queue , keeping a left while climbing down and many such things. But I always think why is this need ?

Are we not self sufficient enough to make this happen ourselves?
Why we can’t make a queue by our self?

Why we are not responsible for ourselves? Why we don’t have any self discipline?

  • I believe that I have a social responsibility to make a positive impact on the society.
  • You being a citizen also should feel the same.
  • We should change our mentality and focus on making our country proud of us, so that someday we would be proud of our country.

Self discipline begins with mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.

“Rule Your Mind OR It Will Rule You”