Often in this busy world, we fail to acknowledge those who help us, and stand by us in the times of need.

An attitude of Gratitude can change a lot of things in life. It is very important to make gratitude as a way of thinking rather than a mere thanks giving. I have realized the power of Gratitude & Unconditional love which is one of the prerequisite to materialize your dreams/success.

I had read and heard that the more you are grateful for, the more Universe gives back to you and vice versa. But now when I am implementing this in everyday situations I am feeling good and happy all the time. This in turn is helping me attract more happiness making core dissatisfaction fly away naturally.

I know its little challenging to be grateful in every situation. But when we do that, we are able to win over the situation and control life outcomes easily.

Along with this, I have exercised power of unconditional love with others despite opposite persons differences etc. This feeling is a direct reflection of a thought that not the individual but rather the situation is the culprit. This can help to takes off hatred/disliking feeling etc. for the other person. In addition we must take a step to find good things in that person to love him. It helps us grow better and transcend ourselves towards completeness and Self realization, which is peak of inner transformation.  I have learnt the concept of Gratitude & unconditional love from The Secret series books of “The Magic” & “The Power “respectively.

Struggle has entangled everyone. We as humans are programmed to understand this automatically. Love ,Compassion and Gratitude are the key assets of human being. Having such a sophisticated brain we need to have higher compliance to these responsibilities.

A simple saying  “ThankYou” can create an instant bond between 2 people striving for that mdeed of ilestone. We always say “There is No Sorry and No thanks in Friendship” but I personally feel appreciating someones hard work to get your work done, surely would not harm the relationship.