They say “Friendship is a family that you choose”.

Feeling lonely? Do you? Don’t you have any friends?. Many people already know about their loneliness and many of us are somehow unaware of this word. Being adults, and having more matured brains, friendship has become a mere solution to ward off loneliness, sometimes because they have more money and sometimes to just fill the blank spaces that we have in our lives.

But hey, is this how actual friendships are? Does friendships today even know the difference between the “need” or “wants” of it? Remember  the old childhood friends we had, when we neither had any needs nor wants? . They were the best ones.

Somewhere between playing games everyday and playing role of a parent or a therapist or someone who has your back always,

we grew up

Somewhere between sharing tiffin boxes and crushes-heartbreak stories at middle of night,

we grew up

Somewhere between taking your bestie to distribute chocolates at school on your birthday to taking your best friend’s advice for your wedding day plans ,

we grew up

Somewhere between those kiddo birthday parties and planning out reunions or night outs amidst busy schedules,

we grew up

Somewhere between watching , recommending favorite cartoon shows and tv-web series

we grew up

Somewhere between counting the friendship bands and counting the friends whom you can rely on , we grew up.

But wait a second! We never grew up ideally. We are still a child at heart. The situations may have changed, but the idiots who came in your life as friends and chose to stay , have not.😃😃😃

Hold on such people, because no matter how much you taunt them that they are worthless , deep down you really know that they are indeed priceless.

In this dirty dirty world, I couldn’t have survived, for I wont had found these gems of my life.

Count on me like one two three
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two
And you’ll be there
‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah