Why to love animals is per se an insane question to ask, but I have seen many who behave with utmost cruelty with these little lives .

Animals don’t have as matured brains, animals cannot speak like us , but that doesn’t mean that they could be misbehaved with.

Human beings with a so called “highly developed” brain don’t even have the common sense to “live and let live.”. Incidents of animal abuse are quite frequent and are often neglected in our society. We are turning a blind eye towards their sufferings and pain.

We are taking advantage of their silence and also knowingly or unknowingly being a reason for their sufferings.

There are many animal welfare and NGO program undertakings taken up to avoid such unfair practices and harassment of these speechless and helpless living beings.

But when would we understand that it is just inhumanity and that this should not require any teaching to mankind.

Animals have always been useful to man. From the ancient times they were at times a source of food , a companion, a friend. I think it is only the man that has never been of any use to this society. Man has always been selfish and has done more harm to the nature than any of these creatures. And we call them immature.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. If having soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude then animals are far better than most of the humans.

Ever seen an animal be ungrateful to the one who loves them?.

Look into their eyes and you will see the things that they failed to say to you. You will see the love that they express through their eyes when you move your fingers on them.

Each animal has equal rights to stay safe and happy and loved on this planet as much as we do .  Let them live . It’s absolute insanity to laugh on their pain while a kid throwing stone at them, or when an idiot tries to beat them up.

How would you feel if someone did the same with you? .

These are God’s own cute little living creatures. We must respect their feelings because we are human and not because we are bound by any law. And being human to every creature on this planet should be only our motto.