In this life of hustle and bustle we often forget about the most important thing. People forget to acknowledge the love and care they receive and worst also take it for granted at times.

Appreciate others
Appreciation is what is required to be happy

“Appreciation” is one way of positive attention we can get or receive from a person. I don’t understand why people forget the most easiest thing that can help any relationship to be more strong and promising.

In society, there are many instances we see around which could have been handled/responded(and not reacted) in more positive fashion.

One example I recollect is when I was travelling in BEST bus and I did not have 500 rupees change.  The conductor pounced on me in anger and started blasting a lot of things. It seemed that his last customer had irritated him. After big pause, I replied him “I do not want back the change“, I requested him to keep the change and give me back some other time we meet in the same bus. He was shocked with my response and immediately felt guilty for his action. I smiled at him telling “You are doing a fantastic job everyday despite scorching heat these days“. He smiled and sat besides me and said there are very less people who understand us.

Great Job
say “Great Job” at times

What I learnt from this situation was that every person needs importance/appreciation which enables them to bring his actual positive best self outside.

The story is a classic example of what “Appreciation” can do to a person. It can suddenly change your perspective and make you more grateful and kind. Moral of the story: Smile around always with maximum patience to respond in any interaction/conversations :).

In order to live your life happily, you must first appreciate what you have !