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Are We Really Busy?

” Oh god I am very busy…can’t do it now..”

How often do we listen or how often we say this to people , that we are busy and don’t have the time to do the intended thing. We don’t even give a thought and don’t even check if we are actually busy.

We lack time in our working hours, we feel so packed and taken up by the schedule that we don’t even realize the priority of the things we are doing. Am I right ?

It starts from the moment you enter your work premises. You can see around the busy extensions, people involved in attending meetings, huddles, giving their updates, planning their next stuffs etc…hustle bustle everywhere.

This crazy way of working dawned on me and in no time, I could also feel the pressure build up each day. My every hour and every minute was occupied by the things that I used to realize later were not that important . We give undue importance to simple things at times I feel.

But the question is Are We Really that Busy ?

Are we really fully engaged for all the 8 hrs every day and have no time left to pick up any extra things for our own benefit or its just that we simply do not want to invest in our learning. I feel all are just lame excuses since each individual including the most efficient person  of the company has the same number of hours as we do and still can manage to do everything including extra curricular activities.

Follow these some of the best practices against the activities  that trick you into believing that you are busy.

1. Do Not Keep On Checking Your Emails Continuously

Many of the colleagues start their day with checking mails. And the moment you see all your mails, you start feeling you have more work that needs to be addressed and taken care of. This immediately tricks your mind into believing that you have a lot of work to do and your mind starts sending out signals to your brain thus reserving the part of your brain for these activities first.

You should keep fixed time ( twice in a day for half n hr each ) to check and respond to your mails. Note down the mails which are going to take up your  time and respond them according to your timelines.

2. Archive The Completed Things

This is the most important point, I have seen people just minimize their done tasks and  which lay there as they are pinned up on the screen. They are done and there is actually no need for them to be open any more.

I feel, archiving immediately will allow your brain to immediately acknowledge a sense of victory and will allow you to focus on the next important things. Closing the done tasks will also avoid any further distraction to your current task.

3. Plan Your Day Before You Start

Put yourself into habit of planning your work. Planning with the team is important but I feel self planning is more important. Take a note of all the small tasks which you are planning to complete. As soon as you complete, tick the box, this gives you a feeling of satisfaction and makes you feel confident about completing the task. This will also make you ready for your future assignments.

Noting​ down the things has a clear benefit of self analysis.  You can judge whether you are overestimating or underestimating you own day.

4. One Task At A Time

Go for one task at a time – It might  be impossible at times, but don’t worry , after it forms a habit you will automatically learn to manage your jobs. Also you can prioritize your tasks. Do according to the set priorities. Try to finish the current story and not pick up other task only once the first is complete.

5. Keep Half & Hour For Self Growth

People are so busy that they forget to reserve a time for self development. They have time for meetings, to attend training, do reading, do certification. But when it comes to personal growth, no one cares about it. I feel, you need to block your calendar if you are really keen to achieve something for yourself. Nobody can stop you from growing apart from you.

So stop giving those excuses and start following the above simple tips and let me know what you feel and also feel free to add any suggestions if any.

“Nobody is too busy, it is just a matter of your priorities.”

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂


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