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Are you calling your mom enough?

Do your phone calls motivate you?

I was in my office by 11 AM and returning room at around 10 PM.

My work life was going great and I didn’t even realize when I lost myself in the chaos. Because of my work, I was avoiding many things. I was not taking my meals properly because after coming from work I was so tired that I barely cooked my dinner. I started eating Maggie or cornflakes or other “ready to make” foods in my dinner.

Long story short, the brighter my office life was , the dimer my room and my personal life.

working in office

I received best performance award, but when I was finding for a place to keep it I couldn’t find any. My room had become a complete mess. In last three years, I have neither changed my place nor replaced a thing. Many things were out of order the curtains, dustbin, walls. Oh! I even did not care to check who lives next door. I only know my security guard because in this whole time, he was the only one whom I exchanged my smile with. My mom also stopped waiting for my calls. Initially I used to call her every day, and then I didn’t realize when the gap increased to weeks and months and then years.

Mom was so happy when I told her that my manager appreciated me for my work for the first time. And now I am clueless about her wellbeing.

It’s difficult to be perfect in both personal and professional life but at least you can do your best.

With my own experience, I would like to share how I prioritized my life. I feel great being the best candidate in the office, but listening to my mom’s stories does not make me feel any less. I feel that it’s worth it and more peaceful.

morning call
My morning call

I know I don’t have enough of time to talk with her and listen to all her stories because of my job, so I asked her to be my alarm. I started waking up with her calls! Even though I wake up on time now, I wait for her call to leave my bed. And trust me nobody cares for you more than your mom. She never misses to give me a morning call. And she keeps bugging me to do all the stuff I want to do. From changing my curtains, buying vegetables, cleaning my bed, to reminding me for laundry she gets it all done perfectly. I never knew she is so perfect until she became my special caller.

I  give her a call when I step out for office and listen to all her stories on my way. And while coming back from office I find my mobile ringing again, oh mom you are the best! You know everything!. She always has so many things to tell me, how daddy is not listening to her, that my sister is annoying her, everything comes to me very accurately. With this, she also keeps a track of what all I eat for dinner, lunch and breakfast.

evening calls

Talking to her is like a therapy for me. Even though I am tired, I look forward to tell her everything about the whole day. I take my dinner regularly now, just because I know that she is gonna ask me about it. Thanks to mom. She is really a blessing to me. I feel like she is right here, besides me , instructing me, advising me even though we are 1967 KMs away from each other.

mom my sunshine

My rented room seems bright now, because my mom is my sunshine 🙂 . And one more secret I would like to unwrap to my readers. My mom is happier these days. because we talk every day, and our talks behold more love and care for each other than ever. For mom’s (parents) there is nothing more important than their children.

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I believe in emotions, thought vibrations and touch. My mind trusts more of body language and actions rather than words. I am an average minded person who is still finding purpose and way of my life.  

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