1. Shit! What an idiot he is? He ruined my day. Oh my god What a crap, she made me take this decision ! You are responsible for what I did. Does it ring a bell?

Do you somewhat think this sounds like me. Read on to know what can be done to avoid this.

what can be more important than taking responsibility of our own day to day life ?

so lets dig in, why it is?

Be it be any field , taking up the ownership of what goes on in life will always keep you in control  of yourself. If we keep a check on our day to day routine we would eventually end up mending our entire life. Because as  said “Every droplet of water makes an ocean ” same is the case with the your day which is per se a subset of your life.

So to start with, what are the reasons which make you happy or sad.


Somebody –

  1. helps you without a reason or somebody pays off for help we had done earlier
  2. appreciates your work
  3. surprises you with flowers or gifts or chocolates
  1. When you expect somebody to do anything and they disappoint you
“SOMEBODY” – Realise the problem here?

It’s serious problem most of the time you are upset because of somebody else, which you can’t change. Now nobody can make you happy, i said NOBODY yeah its right. Nobody can make you happy or sad unless you give that right to someone.

Don’t ever keep your keys of happiness in someone else’s pocket..

Now let me ask some questions which are bothering me for a while.

Does making you depend on others for your own happiness and calling yourself “independent” make you an independent person?

No matter what you do, you will anyhow find that you are not happy. You very well know that earning money, taking care of your family is your responsibility. What about your happiness?

Don’t you think being happy is your foremost responsibility?

How can you even commit to make someone else happy when you are not sure about your own happiness? Can an empty container quench a thirsty person?

Hey, don’t feel sad again, i am here. Let me help you. You just have to understand how to prioritize better. I will tell you how.


Take responsibility of your own emotions as whatever is happening in your life is because of your own act. STOP blaming SOMEBODY.  Your foremost responsibility is to keep yourself happy.

Now when you are ready to take your own responsibility, the next question comes

HOW will you make yourself happy?

Don’t worry you don’t have to set any milestone for it.

Think, when you try to express your happiness, what do you do? Try little harder… yeah you are right. It is that simple. SMILE


Smile for yourselves. Pat yourself for doing all good things you did for others thus build confidence. Feel lucky and thankful to have this life and for achieving so much in your life. Smile and see it multiply and get wider as you step out of your bedroom.

NOW that you are responsible person, take your responsibility and kick start your day with a SMILE.


Look at that mirror and, for the first time in your life smile for Yourself. Trust me this smile will be different as this time as this is truly genuine and not the one you used last time to hide your anger. This will soon be contagious and eventually it will brighten up your whole day.

I bet, you will fall in love with your own smile every single day and let me tell you the best thing about it, your partner will not get jealous of your new love.

Do this exercise, take responsibility of your actions . make it your habit and ADD happiness permanently in your bucket list.

Shhhhhhh!!!! It’s a secret don’t tell anyone unless they give you back a 🙂 .