“Why don’t these People change?” a general question we are so used to asking to people all the time. But we often forget to ask this to a very important person and that’s your own self.

Gandhi ji said rightly “Be the change you want to see !”

Only Change is Constant

It is always better said than done in real life. We learn a lot of new things which we even share with others but fail to implement in our situations.

I believe, to really influence your masses follow the “LEAD BY EXAMPLE” principle.

We need to “be the change we wish to see around” in the first place. The strive to implement one’s preaching’s into practice naturally propagates its impact on others which has more acceptance. The message amplification just happens.


Ask your mind to be the change

People will listen to you only when you have listened to yourself. I know changing is not that easy but taking those baby steps is important. Any change starts with your mind. No person on this planet has ever created something without first bringing that to his mind. An idea before implementation lands up in your conscience.

YOU don’t need to see the entire staircase, you just have to take the first steps.

Time for a change

Also few day before, My Personal Excellence (PE) group and a my friend (developer of this massive site) encouraged/motivated me to write blogs. With this opportunity and positive intent, I started contributing on various social sites to reach as many people as I can. After few posts, I have realized that this activity of articulating is actually bringing the best out of “Me” more than its purpose to share across. This is now taking me closer to my final destination everyday. Lead by example gave me one of the awesome method to connect with “Me” everyday which had become rare due to routine priorities. This was my first step for myself. 

With each blog, comes a new learning and enlightenment within, while you share what you learnt. So be the example that world wants and be the one who can be an eye opener for this world.