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Being Judgemental – Is it necessary?

Can you actually see people

This person is not good.
That person is weird.
He doesn’t deserve happiness more than me..
We have often come across these thoughts while looking at others which as put out, is “judging”

But does it matter….
That person may not be good looking may not be working hard maybe leading an easy life
But does it really matter
Is it effecting us..
We often see something and get to be judgmental on it.
The first thing we need to ask is who are we to judge them
Is it effecting me?
Does it matter
Why I m being judgmental
Am I jealous

We often come across something and straight away dive into judging them.
With only the superficial knowledge that we have.
From childhood till now we have been taught the saying….
“Do not just believe whatever you see try to dive into it further”
But we have hardly implemented this.
I have often seen people complaining about lot of things.
And most of these people complain because they compare their life with others.

We often judge people because we compare them to our current state.
And as miserable as it is we judge them if they are having a better go then us.

But why the other person being in a good state bothers us
Why we become jealous? why do we judge their state ?
Have some one asked us to??…no
Does my opinions even matter??…no
Should it matter??…no
Then why…

Why can’t we just stop it

Have we done enough righteous things to tell people if they are doing something wrong…
Are we even right to judge them?

“Putting yourself in their shoes” is the best way to stop judging people.  Everyone is facing their own struggles and everyone has a different story to tell. As human if you cannot lessen the trouble don’t even magnify them. Everyone is already fighting their battle. Be soft , Be kind for we all are in the same race.

Subhashinee Mohanta
Subhashinee Mohanta. Dreams big, fears failure, always hungry, animal lover, loves traveling. My dad's a superhero and my Mom knows everything.

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