A self made woman , is envied by many. An achiever is often opposed by many.. But still what is that thing that keeps them going? What power do they own that never ends?

It’s not easy to swim against the waves, it’s not easy to get up every time you fall, to succeed every time you fail, it’s not easy at all. But as rightly said

“Things worth having, never come easy..”

Sincerity and commitment are some of the  best virtues that can help one to enjoy the taste of success..  Here are some of the qualities that can make you your own hero.

1. Love yourself .

” It is always better to be self obsessed than be obsessed with someone else..”Loving yourself and putting yourself first is very important in life.

Mistakes make you human and make you who you are today. Accept yourself as you are and let the world see who you can be.

2. Maintain self discipline

Discipline is very important in life. A self organized life is a life that can be a passport for your dreamed life. Doing right things at right time is important for achieving your goals. Imagine what would an army become without those strict lessons of self discipline.

3. Help yourself and others 

” God helps those , those who help themselves”. Helping others can often make you feel that you are a hero. Its more important to be hero in your eyes than it is in other’s.

  1. Soft heart and a tough mind

A man who cries is always considered weak. Very few believe that being emotional is also a sign of strength. Emotions make you strong. But handling them is not an easy task as well. Emotional balance is quite important for a well balanced mind. Build a strong mind by meditating and following yoga daily.

  1. Time is money

A hero is one who values time. Not only his time but the other person’s as well. Put yourself into the habit of doing things at right time. Making someone wait just because they are willing to, does not make you a gentleman.

” A super hero is never real, and if you want him then be one..”