I was looking at the falling stars and wondering how do they look like from a close distance?Are they nice, or are they dull and cold like the Moon?

Is their only light and illusion?

Humans and stars share a unique relationship filled with human’s wishes and desires when the stars are falling.

You can wish on a falling star. But have you ever wondered where do they fall to? What happens to them after that? Maybe they fall on earth and get lost in the crowd.

Maybe,with their last fall, they sacrifice their lives for our wishes. But are our wishes worth their loss? I guess our “huge” problems are so small and fragile from their point of view from the universe. The point is that – We humans are so weak that we depend on star’s decision to fall!

Stars keep falling, but the world does not get better.People still stay blind and make mistakes.They wait for the night to fall asleep and escape the reality.

But, some people don’t sleep.They enjoy the silence of night, absorb the darkness of sky and observe the sparkling stars…

The stars which shine so bright, live so far, and grant us only one falling wish each!! Don’t wait for the stars to fall, be a star yourself. Because then even if the star doesn’t fall, your wishes would still come true.