BlogSense DRS Guidelines and FAQs

With aim to motivate writers, we share major chunk of advertisements earnings to our Writers. This page is important to read and Writers are expected to follow ALL the guidelines mentioned below. Writers not following any one of the following guidelines will be immediately BANNED from the system.

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  • This website using Google Adsense to distribute revenue with all its writers. Hence all the writers should follow all the Google Adsense Publisher Terms and Conditions
  • Writer is prohibited to indulge in any invalid clicks or impressions on Ads. This is strictly monitored by Google and it can lead to permanent ban of this entire program.
  • Writer is prohibited to encourage clicks on ads by their friends/family.
  • Let earnings be ORGANIC and Natural. Any sort of inorganic/un-natural earnings will lead to ban of OUR Adsense Account ultimately closing this program forever!
  • Write content as per Author Guidelines


Q: How to enroll for the BlogSense DRS program?

A: If you publish atleast one article in this blog, you will get automatically enrolled for the program. No Actions required from your side.

Q: Where to see my Earnings?

A: You can visit the Account > My Earnings page in the menu to see your earnings

Q: How Will I Get Paid?

A: To get paid, you need PayPal account. Head over to and create an account. Choose For Business account to receive payments. It is FREE!Once you have payment account, head over to Account > My Earnings > Settings and update your PayPal registered Email Id

Q: What is the payment threshold?

A: You will be paid everytime on monthly basis if you cross total earnings of $20

For example, You earned $13 in January. As you have not crossed the $20 mark, you will not be paid for January But, don’t worry – your earnings will be carry forwarded. In February if you earn $12, then your total earnings is now $25 and hence, you are eligible to be paid in March. Payments for a month will be processed in next month end. That means, your January-February earnings of $25 will be paid in March End (After 25th of a month)

Q: Why so late payments?

A: We pay you as per payments released by Google Adsense to us. They follow the above mentioned schedule to pay us. We get paid by 25th of next month. 

Any more questions? Mail us togethercaringsharing[at]gmail[dot]com