Just cannot deny, the avid readers amongst us shall agree.

A book is not just a string of seamless narrations but a whole universe in itself. It lures us in and as a diver in the ocean, the reader takes a deep plunge, fascinated by what the book has to offer.

Some books are fictitious, mysterious and intriguing. Some are true, unabridged versions of life. Some books are neither of the above, but they bear a mixed bag of flavours, pleasing to the masses.

Some books may be thought-provoking, some, just as free and light to read. There are books on literally everything around us, a colossal heap stacked up for over centuries from the most creative geniuses till date. We only need to dig in and find the right ones for ourselves.

We all have our preferences about choosing a good read.

Since I’m a hopeless dreamer and philosophically romantic, I’m mostly devoted to the fiction category. That’s where imaginations can run wild, there are no restrictions on how creative stories can be and ways in which we can perceive them. Fictional books are the fittest examples of unrestricted, untamed creativity, only if one has the appetite for it.

Having said that, I dearly love a book if it has a list of my personal must-haves.

1. I love when the book offers me a lesson
When it shouts out things that I wish I knew earlier. It can be a lesson on love, life or relationships or merely an experience I can tap into and fill myself up with it.

2. The book should give me something to hold on
I never consider reading a book as a way to pass time, albeit, it always is a friend I communicate with, a company that keeps me from loneliness and an important element of my present time.

All the books I’ve read are fondly remembered and I re-visit most of them from time to time.

A book most importantly always attracts me for its emotional quotient.

3. I should feel connected with the character
I find it surreal how well a writer sketches the characters alive and makes the reader feel so connected to them. It is always the emotions that pull me closer to the book, characters and their thought processes, how they feel, what they say and what they do. It makes me feel as if I were living in the story, with them, almost realistically imagining the content.

4. The Book should Talks Back
It is beautiful when a book talks back, when it answers the questions I have been holding in my head and when it knows what I have been thinking and how I feel. A good book always steers the reader along, feeding thoughts to mull over, so that when the hidden paths unfold, its essence feels rewarding.

Reading a book detoxifies me and refreshes me like nothing else. It gives me a different perspective in life and allows me to have a parallel dream world around me. Books help me pass my leisure time in a joyful and relaxing way. It’s a hobby that has no downsides.

Books heal me, help me see the brighter side of life, always.

When the world weighs me down, reading is where I find solace.

I urge people to develop a habit of reading books and see for themselves what an absolutely amazing feeling it is. Everything I just mentioned shall happen with you as well, provided you pick up a warm book to read.

There’s nothing like a bad book so be rest assured.

You just need to pick up one of your choice of subject and trust it. If you feel a little skeptical about choosing the right book, start reading the most popular ones. There are so many accredited and widely loved books that you will never really have to search a good one explicitly.

Bibliophilism, I believe, is an unending journey for the love of literature and once you begin, you will never run out of a good book in a lifetime.

Take that from someone who’s forever high on books, high on life!!