It was a boring weekend for me.

I was a bit frustrated that day. All the things going throughout the week happened to take away all the compassion and made me a bit sore.

I was complaining about each and everything

Everything – the food, the coffee, the talks, the friends that I met with, everything seemed to have a negative impact on me.

It was like I had a restless soul syndrome.

I was on this street in the evening all set for a local market round with my mom to buy some veggies, still complaining about the traffic and its noise entering through my ears and irritating my skull. The crowd all over, and the people rushing and pushing made me more agonizing. All sorts of why’s and what’s about my existence in this world crowded my thoughts.


We took a turn and suddenly I met my childhood baby sitter who also used to drop me to school when I was a kid.

She was so happy in a second and was so excited to see me, but I did not understand what made her feel so happy about seeing me. (Again, thinking this answer in a negative way!)

She was a good old poor woman (yes with all those adjectives in a descending row) who would do some household chores of others to make some money for a living.

I think she was just surviving and not living her life. I was surprised to see the happiness in her eyes and the warmth and affection of her which hugged me unconditionally.


There was something in her I realized, that this cruel world had not still affected her the way it affected me. She was still so hopeful and cheerful, so innocently smiling at me and was happy seeing me happy.

Wasn’t it a great thing?  She happened to change my perspective instantly. Suddenly all the worries seemed to weither away. It was as though I had popped a pain killer which reduced my sensation towards all the noise including the rash honking on the street and I suddenly escaped to my inner self which was peeping out through a narrow door of my mind.

It dawned on me that no matter what, she always kept smiling.

Life would have been more difficult for her than me. Because survival is more difficult than living. We do cry on the little things or try to run away from the things that take us out of our comfort zone. But that’s where life starts a bit outside your comfort zone.

Don’t ever let the outside world crumple your hope for life – Just take some time.


Walk out and look up at the sky and you will realize everything is happening so perfectly. The sun has done it’s work of shining in the morning. The birds have set out for their daily chirping. What would happen if the sun had not risen in the morning. It’s more critical than the issue you are currently sulking about.

So, keep calm and be thankful – Everything is so amazing around us. Don’t give up. Because most of the times the moment where you decide to give up is where the miracle would manifest. Miracles happen every day. Trust me on this.

“Don’t let the outside world change your inside universe…!”