In these COVD-19 unprecedented times, we are all facing the same situation.

The year 2020 started on a good note but suddenly in the month of mid March, the outbreak of Coronavirus was found to be spreading rapidly in India and all over the world.

With the increase in the number of cases and to avoid people getting infected with this virus, the Government imposed a lockdown with certain rules which needed to be followed. People were concerned about their daily jobs and survival as most of them had to travel to get to work.

The lifeline of Mumbai (Trains)which most of the people use for their daily commute also came to a halt.

Offices came up with Work from home as most of the employees could not travel due to lockdown. On the other hand, schools came up with the concept of digital technology by teaching online.

Can you ever imagine how life can change all of a sudden with this pandemic? Certainly, the question what most of us have the moment we get up in the morning will be “When will this Coronavirus end “? Or “When will the vaccine be invented” ?

Social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitization of hands frequently is the way to protect ourselves from this virus. This new lifestyle of staying home has changed everyone in many ways. The parents working from home now have time to spend with their kids.

People have learnt online courses related to academics. Men have also learnt to cook new recipes and carry out household chores. As I got the option of working from home, I realised that working from home turns out to be quite hectic as you are not in the office mode. Sitting in your normal pyjamas and working, was something what most of us never expected.

Over a period of time as the lockdown kept extending, the workload started to increase. I kept on complaining in my mind that “When will things get back to normal “?

In this time, there are many out there who have been laid out by companies due to loss of business and are struggling to find work.

If you have a job during this pandemic and are able to buy your daily essentials and pay bills then consider yourself to be blessed by God as there are many people struggling to make ends meet. Many people complain that work from home is a pain as the work never ends and is burdensome but do ask yourself this question “what would you do if you did not have a job?

Do reach out to your neighbour or any person in need of you, your small contribution can save them as people are dying of Hunger rather than the deadly virus.
As citizens of a responsible country, we can all take care of our loved ones and reach out to people in need rather than blaming the Government and political leaders.

We have been in situations like floods when many people have helped each other to survive those days by providing shelter and food. Let’s start small and help in our way so that could get a smile on someone face. Kindness and good deeds go a long way. The cases of covid19 seem to be increasing daily but they have been many recovery cases as well.

The Doctors who have been attending to Covid19 patients have been risking their lives to cure patients. Slowly shops and offices are opening with the strict guidelines being followed.

Things will get back to normal. Just remember that this too shall pass.