Today is a great day to write for my father ! Although its not the only day I think about him.

One will only understand his father when he becomes father.. and that’s true..

For all of us, our mothers and fathers have played a profound role in shaping our financial habits—so much so that we still discuss our plans with our parents well into our adult lives. Whether it’s deciding our life goal, financial goal or any goal….

Even though your goals conflict with your parents, if you fight and try to convince them, which itself shows that, their opinions matters a lot.

Tell me , how many times you go against your parents and gets success ???

We sometimes go to our parents to help make decisions and to double check we’re on the right path. Today I remember values and habits my father instilled in me at a young age. Three very powerful lessons come to mind:

1. Stay in your blanket
I know these lines sound funny, but whenever I try to do something out of box , he says
“जितनी चादर हो उतना ही पैर फैलाना चाहिये “
“limit your expenses according to your earnings”
Small age, I began to learn how to budget, how to save, and how to spend wisely.
2. Plan For the Future

Few years back, I was surprised when I looked at my bank account. It was at the age of 8 yrs. And I was  thinking, ” why my account is required at such a small age? when I’m not earning?”

But he started putting some of his income in my account , so when I reach 18, I will have sufficient amount in my bank which he can use for my education and other expenses.

And it becomes easy to feed me till the time I get fully capable of myself after education. This is exactly what I started thinking for my daughter that How can I make sure she should not get any trouble later with her education and I also start planning about my family future.
Wonderful lesson.

3. Start Today

Almost 1000 times I have told to my father, he is workaholic which I don’t like , but still I find a very good lesson from him. He respects his work and he gives more importance to work than any other thing. Someone will agree with me on this, someone not. If I have to look positive side of this,

Work is the only thing which keeps you engaged, busy  and away from all negative distraction.

“An empty Mind is Devil’s workshop”

He always says, don’t go into that zone, where you feel you don’t want to work. Keep working till you die, and work not only physical but any work. Joining NGOs in free time, doing charity, meeting people to talk about your ideas.
So just don’t sit and think I am retired now. Keep finding any activity to keep busy yourself.

Dad, You are someone to look up to.

He is suffering from Parkinson diseases since 10 years, still not ready to give up and doing every possible things he can do. That’s what I look up to my dad for this life spirit.

I hope, one day we all can become like our father, in terms of mindset to keep doing the things till the time your mind does not give up.
Little wish from me to your father –  “Happy Father’s Day”

father Is –  A Son’s first hero and daughter’s first love !!!