My daughter started going to pre-school. She is 2 yrs old now.

My mother picks her up from the school. One day she happily came running out of the classroom, with a drawing paper in her hand. She hugged her diligently and was amazed to see her first painting.  “This is the first drawing of your daughter.” Said the teacher

There is only one special child in this World. And every dad has it

My mother immediately sent me pictures and  I was so happy to see them.

I realized some very important thing in my life from my daughter.

  1. Enjoy the moments

When teachers asks to paint something, every student comes with different thought and paints according to their imagination.  None of the students complain that they cannot draw. They are just in the moment , celebrating and having fun.

Just be a child and create your own moments. Start enjoying irrespective of the situation.

  1. Don’t judge situations as tough or easy

When small children draw, they never know what they are gonna come up with.  No one told them if drawing something is tough or easy. They don’t know if something is possible or not. It’s just that they pick up the pencil, put the things on paper, add on some colors and it feels like magic to them.

When life hits hard through challenges and obstacles, we assume things and totally remove the chances of possibilities in life. We must see every day as an opportunity. Tough or easy is just an opinion.

  1. Every situation has different results

The way every student picks different colors to decorate their picture, its significance will be determined by selection of Colors. Similarly, output of your situation will be determined by your reaction.If you put 100 people in same situation, everyone will react differently which means there is nothing wrong with problem but it will be determined by how you react.

Children have a unique way to show us how to live life. Care free and happily.

“Only a child sees things with a perfect clarity, because it has still not developed all those filters which prevents us from seeing things we don’t expect.”