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Depression – Overcome It 

“What if people treated other diseases as depression?…”

 The other day , I was watching this popular show AIB’s episode. I was really amazed by the people’s reactions towards depression. People either ignore it or sometimes just exaggerate it.

We often go to the doctor seeking medical help to treat ailment as small as a headache or sinus.

So why are we so afraid to admit that we are suffering from something so chronicle like depression? One of the main reasons I feel is, people admitting it , are looked upon as though they have some really insane mental disorder. They start feeling that life is over now and nothing can get more worse.

Depression is a state of mind. We often feel sad, low or moody. Some people feel them intensely and over a prolonged period of time turning it into depression. A numb feeling that takes away the sensitivity from a being is the depression stage.

Depression at times is very easily curable if detected initially. Making them feel that they are secure and loved rather than ignoring it altogether is one of the best ways to treat depression. Ignoring the victim’s feeling will only leave them feeling worse thus degrading their standard of life entirely.

  • Identify depression

Many people abstain from accepting the fact that there is something wrong with them. Just closely observing on some key points can help in pinpointing that person. Depression affects the basic and crucial things like a person’s feelings, thoughts and actions.

Check out on how they are reacting to the situation and help them combat depression by understanding their aspects rather than discouraging them.

  • Communication is the key

The person who is depressed often feels lonely and unaccompanied. Help the person to share his emotions. They will hesitate at first , but slowly gaining their trust and confidence can get them to speak to you about their thoughts.

  • Make them feel worthy.

A person generally considers himself worthy when someone approves of that to him. Simple words like ” hey you are a champ at that, man”, or may be just a feeling that makes them feel that they are important like ” I couldn’t have done that without you..” will help regain their power of self belief .

  • Seek medical help in case of severity

Sometimes , the person is completely in the state of denial of his existence. This stage of complete surrender can be harmful and can hamper his self-respect. A proper medical assistance is mandatory basically consulting a psychologist is mandatory.

Ultimately human is a social animal and making someone realize the value of being social when they forgot to, is inevitable. A person comes back from that stage of committing suicide, if he hears someone call his name at that very moment. Because it makes him realize that someone cares for him.

In this busy life, where no one cares who resides next to those walls of the house, it is important to create an awareness about depression. It can give you the courage and the strength to face it.

Life does not come so cheap, to waste it over small things.

Renuka Shastri
I have an optimistic attitude towards life. I love writing in my free time about my real life experiences. I believe Life is really more than what we think it is. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.."


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