According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, A man was just an animal at the start of time, when food, water and shelter were all it craved for. It spent all those palaeolithic years trying to create a world with better basic necessities of life.  And then the need of invention and civilization just kept growing.

Time passed, and Mother Nature kept transforming under the brazen influence of the hardworking, ambitious, never-satiated homo-sapiens because that’s what God intended us to do with those big brains of ours.

With change being the only constant, God’s favourite creation was busy making the earth a better place to live in. Or so it thought.

With wheels came carts, and when carts weren’t enough, cycles were born.
Wood was burned for light until we found oil, and then there was no looking back.

We had bikes and cars, heavy machinery for all our manual work, bigger locomotives and whatnot, all because man worked really hard. It tried and tried and made new inventions, every small pain area became a use case for discovery.

The man became more and more confident, even arrogantly proud of the fact that it was utilizing the natural resources that God has provided it with and putting it to good use. It started to believe that its origin was to evolve Earth into a much better, easier and cozier place to live in.

And when the growth was happening slowly, nobody felt the need to check how it was affecting their humble abode because the magnitude was negligible.

For example, When Tesla, Edison and Faraday were all busy discovering the basics of electricity, who would have thought it would turn out to be a major cause of degradations in the future history of time.

And they were logically correct in their ways, right?

All every inventor wanted was to create a way of a better world (a renewable source of energy in this case) so that all of mankind benefits from it forever.

This could not have been a wrong approach, this was like the best kind of thought process a human could have had. Every living trying to find better ways to live all along its life and man is the most evolved of them all, obviously took it a notch up. It sadly did affect the world, and in a huge way, all through these years, and the earth now, is just a big ball of ramifications such inventions and their use eventually had.

HUMAN FOOTPRINT – Nobody’s fault

It was really not anyone’s fault when the population of the world grew tenfold because people simultaneously thought of having larger families in different parts of the world just to survive.

The growing population wanted security, it wanted to have a permanent home, a home that no one else claims, a permanent source of livelihood and that security came from marking territories when states were divided and each community needed a massive share of the population to claim their land and protect it and thus the whole fiasco began.

It’s a little difficult to digest at these times when we can clearly see how our over-indulgence all along has affected Earth, but

1. Do you really think a man should have seen this coming some 2000 years back?
2. Do you really think that whatever happened to us up till today could have been avoided?
3. Do you really think that you can predict what lies 2000 years ahead of us with all that has been going on?
4. Do you really think that you can now do without a mobile, an AC, a car or internet around you?

5. Do you think you can really survive if you went sent back to the early civilization days where existence was all about the struggle?
6. Do you not agree that we live in a better place and it’s all because of the evolution of the human race?
7. Do you not agree that this place is a beautiful place that we are in?

Here is my opinion and it can vary from yours:

I think instead of calling ourselves beasts who ruined a beautiful planet. We should acknowledge the fact that whatever we did was with better interests. It is time we understand that it was all part of mankind’s survival strategy that bought us here into an era of automated gadgets floating around and man being able to literally do anything on the click of a button.

I think humans deserve a little bit of credit amidst all the garbage-throwing and blame-gaming, and if we think we made the earth what it is today, and there is a lot of wrong in it.

I think there is a lot of right in it too and everything said and done was in good spirits, it just had a lot of consequences we couldn’t have avoided.

I think Earth now is a beautiful place to live in

I think Earth now is a beautiful place to live in. I think Earth back to when humans were apes, was also a beautiful place to live in but with very limited ways of life. I think man has made a remarkable journey through all these years, amidst all the chaos, and eventually landed in a place where it is almost indestructible. Where on one hand we’re still over utilizing our natural resources, some part of the world has already awakened to curb it.

I think we should be proud of how far we have come and as each individual, take small steps each day to protect our home and I am sure 2000 years later, it will be a different story altogether.

We live in a world that is full of people who feel responsible for the well-being of our planet and try and make the world a better place. I think the human race, no matter how self-indulgent it may sound, is trying ways to co-exist.

Of course, there are problems around, there is hatred and there is a crime and it is evil. But there never exists Light without Darkness, it’s the prime most basic principle of creation. And when He himself created worlds with both Good and Evil and asked us to live in perfect harmony, who are we to change his ways.

What if, when Man was created, ultimately, all this was God’s plan?