Well, no guesses for whom this post is about !!

I have seen people answering the question “Whom do you love the most – Mom or Dad?” And each time I am caught by surprise as to how can you even choose one …for me, my life would not be the way it is had it not been for both of them.

I cannot pick and choose one. More often than not, in a typical Indian household like I have been brought up, dads are always out there earning for their families.

And so, we often miss out on their presence in our lives for most of the time but then distance doesn’t reduce their significance.

Thus, for all those times you had been away from us for job, dad, we have missed you. It is very easy to say this in the hindsight, but to be able to do so, requires a lot of determination and clarity of priorities.

You never even once refrained from doing your work, be it on weekends or public holidays or sick days and you continue to do so even today.

This is one of the primary reasons that keep me going during my weak moments when I miss being home. But when at home, you never failed to love and pamper me.

We may not have been the richest family in the town but there has never been anything that I wanted and I did not have it.

You gave me everything that I ever wanted even before I asked for it.

Thank you, for each and every toy, all those Diwali and birthday dresses, crackers, dal vada, and everything else that you got me to make me happy.

Courtesy: Syaahi https://www.facebook.com/div070518

Today, maybe, I can buy them all by myself but then birthday dresses meant a lot more back then.. they don’t excite me today the way they did. Probably the love with which you bought me back then is missing now.

Eventually, as I grew up, I subconsciously started following the lessons you taught me. not from some textbooks but the life lessons, some really precious ones – the lessons to help me grow in life by maintaining dignity and integrity.

You not only taught me to accept myself and my life the way it is completely but also motivated me to do my best in life to achieve what I want. You have been one of the driving forces that has helped me achieve all that I have today.

Courtesy: Syaahi https://www.facebook.com/div070518

Thank you for believing in me and for giving me the freedom to pursue my professional avenues.

Thank you for letting me make my choices. You have never been imposing.

Not even once did you ever think or say or feel or believe that I am a girl and what is the point of her career, instead let us invest on the son.

Never did I ever feel that kind of discrimination and sick mentality in our family. I am blessed being born in such a family. And so, since you never differentiated between me and brother, I too have always felt that I am the elder son of the family.

I know how difficult it would have been for a parent to send her daughter, who has never been away from home, to a place like Jammu. But then you let me pursue my masters from a far off place like Jammu.

Your trust in me gave me the strength to learn and earn that Silver medal. And when you were present at my convocation in IIM Jammu, I felt all my efforts have been worth. The struggle was all worth to see that smile on your face.

And I promise I will keep doing the same going ahead in my life. And that is all because of you…