In this world full of expectations, if there is one person we expect from the most,is, of course ourselves.

Do you feel guilty that you don’t get time to attend your needs? Do you feel disconnected to yourself?

Burden f expectations
Are you burdening yourself with expectations?

A lot many people I talked with , shared genuine feeling that sometimes they just wished they had low expectations.  One of my friend had a baby recently and frustrated one day, she just came to me and said “My baby cries the whole time, and I sometimes just leave my baby to cry all alone. Without consoling her.” “I am really a bad Mother ” She said.

The lady is not frustrated about the baby , but she is actually frustrated about herself. Because, she is unable to find a way to stop her baby from crying. Frustration sometimes is the result of your high expectations. Its not easy being a Mother, it takes patience and resilience to be a good mother. She probably should also think about what can calm her first. If you cannot handle your mind you cannot handle anything and anyone in this world

A mind is like a chatterbox, of thoughts . 

We all are running to achieve one or the other thing and expecting a lot from ourselves and our surroundings. They keep on juggling in our mind, I have to prepare for that, I have to buy this, i want to do this, i need to help , i have to socialize. This is exactly the burden of expectations from ourselves

Relax ! Stop for sometime and try to relax your mind, take a deep breath for a moment .

Follow Meditation Regularly to calm your mind.

Thoughts become things they say! But this can only happen if those thoughts are organised and focused. Disorganised thoughts do nothing more than distracting us from achieving our goal. Don’t try to achieve perfection in everything and please stop burdening yourself .

Don’t take life seriously! Learn to laugh at your problems and know that its not the end of everything. You get life only once and make sure that its worth living. Pat yourself for the things you did well. Learn to smile. Smile that you woke up today morning. There were many people who didn’t wake up today. Smile because your loved ones also woke up today. Because the million people who didn’t wake up today have 10 million people who woke up crying for them. Can there be a need of bigger reason to smile?

Take out sometime for yourself , play with your kids , laugh out loudly , tease your friends and relish your food, travel with family , love your partner, persue your hobby with work, pamper your body .

It doesn’t mean that we should not work hard to achieve goals in life rather we should define the purpose of our life. Do not run behind everything instead focus one thing at a time and you will achieve more success.