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Failure – A First Step Towards Success

Success Journey of New Startup – Back then, in the month of April 2016 ( I do not remember the exact date) me and my friend were sitting and he was sharing his story of his journey into developing a mobile application (FineMeter) which did not go off in air as he had visualized.

After hearing his story, I also felt to share my story as it was similar failure for me as well.

Let me rewind myself, In 2015, I started with an Idea to build a Portal for Mumbai University serving Engineering Students, established to contain all the board question papers under one roof. Somehow due to lack of my dedication and passion it couldn’t put in much efforts and i had to discontinue my idea.

I shared this story with my friend and expressed my genuine feeling to still continue my dream.

He understood my determination and I asked him willingly if he was also interested for joining me in my mission.

Without a second thought, he readily agreed and we bought our expired domain back.

The normal chats and the normal discussion now gained monetary benefits for us. We were soon flooding through the market and our happiness knew no bounds.

Business is not that easy and we faced a challenge of data gathering. Me and my friend being techie guys were far away from the business perspective of the market.

The query regarding who will gather the data i.e the question papers hit straight to us. I did not want this question to hamper my goal again as it did the last time. I struggled to find the exact course form that bunch of courses offered at the University and the exact information that I needed to establish my website.

And luckily, we found one more partner who was more excited than us to do this activity. He was none other than my cousin brother who was then, studying engineering and hence it was easy for us to get the information we needed..

Since then , we have never looked back.

We immediately connected through social media and today I can say that my (now it’s ours) dream has come true.  We are still the same although We  have been many ups and downs and hell lot of impediments but it’s this feeling of victory that unites us everytime.

Every day, we talk about our designs, our goals etc. and a way to convert our dreams to reality.

When we look at our stats till now for –

–  84k + visitor’s
–  Total of 2L+ question papers downloads

The figures clearly indicate the students liking for the website. All the question papers just one click away. This was always the main motivation behind running this portal.

We are now planning to add new result facility (MU 2.0) into this existing functionality so that even result would be as easy as getting question papers.

Finding a right person who matches your passion is a great achievement in itself. They are the people who can help you achieve your goal.

If Chintak Dholkia had not shared his failure story, if my brother Bhavin Shah had not shown interest for our vision and inspite of them not knowing each other but still working with that trust , is remarkable for us.

We might not be able to reach where we are today without this trust.

This proves, “You never know which moment can be your Game Changer”.

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂


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