On International Women’s Day while surfing through the boring channels blandly, I watched an interview of the Lady pilot Officers in IAF.

Feelings of pride and anxiety filled my mind and nothing stopped my curiosity.  They have achieved so much of seniority above all the other pilots.

A board at their Fire Training Wing penned proudly with bold letters “Through these Portals Pass the Best Trained Fighter Pilots in the World”

What a rewarding moment it might be to pass through this gate which makes you realize your importance.

Being Fearless is being a fighter

Their journey which trains them for hardships. The Journey comprised of flying on high altitudes in mountains of Saichen or in the floods of Uttarakhand. Handling the fighter planes was an area of acute expertise.

India has the largest number of women pilots who are very much successful in all the flying zones.  They just explain their experience as full dedication, expertise in knowing the work. Surviving in all the possible worst situations and not giving up in the disastrous situations or climate was a mastery.

Avani Chaturvedi a Youngest Female Fighter Pilot was interviewed. The Reporter asked “What message you want to give to the people of India who still find difficult to motivate women about entering such men dominated field ?”. The answer was mind blowing. She said –

“A fighter is a fighter and that the situation does not ever know whether the person handling it is a man or a woman. It just understands actions made by you and instructions given by you.”  And I understood why she was where she was.

The good thing they mentioned that it is the mental strength and physical abilities which matters when you are on a plane. Basically the strength has no discrimination of men and women. It just has to be with your confidence which makes things work out for you.

Your determination, your passion defines what you are.  It is that force in you , which takes you high and reach your dreams. You have to live your dreams with passion.

Sky is the only limit

Women can achieve whatever they want if they are determined . And it can be in the time of Mahabharata or any other era of history. The best people don’t spend their lives thinking about men and women and how they are different. They just let their roles and actions do the talking.

So Ladies, tighten your seat belts to get ready for a takeoff . Let the path be decided by your courageous and fearless mind and let the adventurous heart be your direction