When I am out speaking with few friends or my coaching class students and one of the most common question I get asked,

“How do I know what to focus on? How do I know where to put my energy when I have so many ideas, there are so many things that I want to do? What could be the way to manage everything that I like to do?”

This article is to understand, “How Focus can lead to Success”

This is often the answer that comes to my mind straight away – “RULE OF THREE”.  I got inspired by one of the online videos and started following this more often.

At any stage of my life, I always have three things that I am investing in, that help me to grow. These are new ideas, new areas of grow that I am excited by OR may be even something I want to learn.

But I always try and do three new things. For example:

1. It can be creating any new website
2. It could be thinking of new business strategy that I have never done before
3. Third thing could be that I am learning a new skill that I have never tried

The thing is our brains and our mind find it easy when we are trying to work on three things.

Now the incredible things about this is that, you will find “MOMENTUM” to grow in specific areas more than others.

If you are starting to see that one of the places that you are giving a lot of time and energy is not really growing, then replace it for something else.

Knowing when to substitute something for something else is all about this key word “Momentum”.

Momentum is something you come by, it’s something you can’t create, it’s when things start flowing in the right direction for you.

When you are constantly working on the “RULE OF THREE”, you will find  certain things will grow faster than other areas .

So if you are thinking that you have so many ideas, there are so many things you want to do and achieve …..

Try and narrow it down into the top three priorities.

These are your top three strategic areas that you are investing your Energy, Time and Effort.