The year 2020 showed us like how much life can change over in a small span of time due to the global pandemic and we still can see its ill effects in our day-to-day life.

I moved to a foreign land just a year ago and I was fortunate to resonate and future my friendship with new cultures and new people.

Back In Time when we used to enjoy socially

Back in 2019, I could see everyone showing their love, respect, expressions, emotions everything from their faces. But as we currently are going through these hard times we can hardly recognize people.

If we recognize them by their eyes or hairs or bodily figures we could guess who is passing by.

It’s really hard in this period among us that we hardly look into the person’s eyes and speak to them as most of our time we tend to always indulge in our smartphones.That is indeed culture and a disciple followed.

We can see social distancing and even turmoil that is happening around us. Even to make somewhere scare about a disease or about its awareness one must have sense. Even though the mortality and death rate is high we can see that nature is reclaiming its kingdom back but evil forces continue to nuke it over again.

Lockdown Days – Nature at its best

Just since the time of social distancing and contact ban I have just changed my routine than it was different earlier by having some callisthenics sessions and balanced diet, I can see the positive effects within myself and it is what I hear voices in my head.

I don’t know if this is practical or so there is a 50-50 chance in the next 10-20 years that similar kind of issue but in a different sense that we are going to face.

The mind is sometimes crazy! So I was addressing that, there could be a possible so-called Digital Ban” in a sense as opposed to now.

Reason being the increased use of technology and internet users shall rise exponentially due to the current usage statistics. If so, then each and everything we use would be controlled digitally.

IOE – Internet Of Everything, we as humans would be able to control machines and its all come under an interrelated ecosystem.

With this use case, a country can raise cyber-attack or pose a threat to citizens to some another neighbour country which could trigger cyber wars. By that time even 75% of the world’s transportation would be on electric-powered as we can foresee its approach with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and some Alien technology which shall be experienced in time.

HOPE – Better tomorrow (New Normal)

What we see today are people staying indoors with the above said it would be the diametric opposite that most of us who survive today will step outdoors and rejuvenate and cherish the time we ignored at some point back in today’s time.