Freedom is a base of happiness.

When it comes to artistic freedom , it can be leveraged by only a few.

Artistic freedom is the freedom to develop your own art, the freedom to imagine in it’s extreme and the freedom to visualize to the depth of it.

Steven Spielberg , the most successful movie director in the world attributes his success to the immense power of artistic freedom. He considers , being child like even at his age, and imaging the things that did not even existed in the first place like that chair became a spider, that tree suddenly transformed to a monster, made him what he is today and that this quality of nurturing the child in himself has gotten him to realize the importance of artistic freedom.

It’s very important to preserve that child inside you. Growing is mandatory but growing up is not.

I feel, these are the main keys which can still feel you like  being a child.

1. Don’t judge things as right or wrong

Being a child is not an easy task, especially when you are fully grown individual. The fascinating part about children is that they are just there. They don’t understand right or wrong and those are the complete years of freedom.

Don’t let the child in you vanish at any cost. Nurture it and let that notorious voice play a peek -a-boo in your head when you need a break. Indulge in the royal spontaneity that erupts naturally when you are a child.

2. Keep Enjoying and Making small things as Your best moments

Dance to those steps that you used to, play a football match with your kid, play that tune again on those strings of guitar, blow some bubbles that you did happily when you were small, crack some silly jokes at times and laugh at them, shoot a movie for fun. These are not big things but they may be become the most favorite moments of your day.

3. Be Happy for No Reason

It was so easy to be happy when you were a child. Isn’t it? . Because children don’t try to define happiness ever. They are just in the moment and try to enjoy it.

I realized this, when I saw this small child on the train one day, trying to get hold of that handle above ,that he couldn’t reach because of his small height. But still he kept on trying and jumped so hard that he finally touched that handle. I was overwhelmed by the happiness that he felt, his face glowed as though he had achieved a milestone in his life. I thought to myself , it’s so easy to be happy. We just crib about each and everything and that is where we lose our ability to feel that happiness of the moment.

Studies show that People who are more enthusiastic and child like are actually able to achieve more in life. Because only being naughty requires brains. So be naughty, be enthusiastic about the things you do and take life as it comes.

Remember – “You are never too old to be young.”