“She is so happier than me..” “he has got everything he wants..” “she is so lucky…” Do you also happen to say such things every now and then.?

I will tell you that 99% people on this planet are not happy today at this time. Yes of course I understand your cries, and your demands but do you really want what all those things that people got?

Do you want that car? Just because someone else got it? Did you think about whether you can maintain the car? What if you got a house? . Do you have sufficient funds to invest for that? The number one reason for people’s sadness today is comparison .

From our childhood days, parents teach us being competitive be it with your sibling or your friends. Competition has always been considered as a ladder to success. And climbing the ladder, we forget to see that we have left the ground behind. There is always this fear of falling down. Isn’t it?. This is truly the sole reason of unhappiness in our life.

And guess what? we all know this, still we compare our lives and feel dissatisfied with what we have in our lives.

Every person is unique on this planet and has different life circumstances and different born and brought up culture.
But the truth is every one has ups and downs in their lives and sometimes people find happiness in their downs also with support of family and friends.
and some people keep feeling jealous from others and could not be happy in their entire lifetime.

And most of the time we lookup to other’s life and start comparing and it seems they have better family, better lifestyle, better partner, kids blah blah blah ! But just remember that ” Grass is always greener on the other side.”

This is the irony of life that we could not enjoy our life as we don’t see what all good we have in our life. We are busy looking for good in others life and end up being jealous.



But the truth is every one is going through their own ups and downs and everyone is facing their own tragedies and struggling through their own difficulties. Moreover Your power lies in the way you react to what is happening in your life.

If people are happy in their lives, it doesn’t mean they don’t have difficulties. It just means they have a better way to handle the difficulties.