Green Consumer Day? I am sure many of you might have this question popping up in mind the moment you hear about it. So, here’s an attempt to help you make a responsible Green Consumer on this Green Consumer Day.

Before that we begin with, let me first clarify on ‘Who is a Green Consumer?’

Green Consumer is a Consumer who is concerned about Environment and buys and/or consumes Eco-Friendly Products.

We celebrate 28th September as Green Consumer Day every year. This day is celebrated to emphasize on saving the environment by making wise choices while buying products as a consumer.

Now that we are clear about this day, let us understand on, ‘How can I play my role as a Green Consumer?’

1. Buy products only when in need and not as per desire – Buying products as per need will not just save handful of money but will also reduce trash caused by the old products.


2. Save natural resources – Natural resources such as electricity and water must be saved to avoid wastage of conventional sources of energy.


3. Avoid using plastic – Reduce the use of plastic bags or packaged drinking water. This can help to avoid pollution and threat to aquatic flora and fauna . One can opt for carrying reusable bottles and/or containers instead of disposable ones while being out.


4. Go for Eco-friendly products – It is always wise to choose Eco-friendly products over normal alternatives. Eco-friendly products are degradable and cause less to no pollution when compared to its counterpart.



5. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – As the phrase goes, use products that can be reused and recycled to reduce pollution. Try implementing ‘Best out of Waste’ wherever possible.

These were few simple tips which can be adopted easily by anyone. Remember there is no planet B for survival but we can choose for plan B wherein saving or causing less damage to environment is possible.

On this Green Consumer Day, let us all pledge to become responsible Green Consumer and save our Environment

Be A Responsible Consumer !!