“Death” a  5 letter word looms large over the 4 letter word “Life”.  But somehow we always have underestimated it.

Do you know how you want to die? Do you know what would be important to you when you die? How do you want to be remembered?  While knowing the answers to these might be tedious, it may also be worth it.

A friend of mine was asked to get some medical tests done that day. The doctor suspected blood cancer and wanted to confirm this with some laboratory tests. Scared to death and knowing that she had very little time to live , all the things that she could have possibly done while she still had time started crowding her mind. Devastated in her mind she started wishing that she could have one more chance , to live the life the way she wanted. And she had an unending list of the things she would do.

You never know when it might be your last day

We never realize the importance of our existence until we face death. It’s a bitter hard truth in the face of life. A person returning back from the border line of life and death has all new perspective about life. We probably start seeing life as it is and not what we want it to be. So why not do it right now? Why not see life as the one followed by death continuously and do things as tomorrow was the last day?

Talk about death often and you will REALIZE, what you still have in your hands.  Because the way you want to die can help you change the way you live. That’s what they are… Two sides of a same coin.

A Coffin even if is beautiful and decorated cannot make someone ask for death

A coffin never comes with a pocket. You cannot take anything with you that you are so desparatley chasing after. Stop and think for a moment , if today would be your last day would this be what you would be doing. It’s really insane, how we run behind the things that is so temporary and forget the one which is so so permanent. Death as scary it is , is the only permanent thing after life.

The clock is ticking..And it’s ticking very fast. Stop running behind unimportant things. Realize that you might just have a day to say, do, think and feel. Say that you love them, when you still have time and when they are still alive.
Why does death have the power to make you remember all the good deeds they did ? It’s only because, when they are no more, that we realize their importance. Appreciate someones deeds today and now because they are still alive. Make them feel special when they are alive.

Death is only permanent

I think we should talk more and more about death because it helps in turning our energies towards positive thinking and being more compassionate and loving. Death keeps you grounded.

Give all that you can give  to the ones who need. Because you never know when it would be your last day here ! Make sure that day is without any regrets and guilts.