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How Long Does It Take To Form A New Habit

  1. PpThis story is based on how to add new habit in your daily routine schedule.

New habit is nothing but anything you just wanted to add in your daily life schedule. For example, going for a daily walk at morning/evening, start preparing for study 30 mins, read newspapers/blogs on morning or travel time.

“Successful People Are Simply Those With Successful Habits.”


I am going to tell you a story about my new habit.

I had decided to go for walk everyday in the evening. (quite lazy to wake up in the morning ) But still I decided to go for walk at evening after my dinner. So i started walking at evening.

1st day gone, 2nd day gone……. On 3rd day as well, I was in good mood to go for a walk. Then on the 4th day i was a bit tired in my mind.  I was continuously thinking what should I do? Shall I go for a walk or not? Anyway i went for the walk. And after that no matter what should hold me back, I dragged myself to walk every day.

I did this for almost 21 days.

One day, I came home tired and had a late dinner. I simply sat down doing nothing.

My Brain was actually missing something. So brain reminded me about my daily routine that i am supposed to go for a walk after dinner.

That day, I realized The Power Of Your Habit. It will make you feel guilty and end up making you do that thing.

Initially it would be hard, your brain will try to trick you into not following your set goals. But when you set a target and train your brain to follow the habit continuously it will definitely work in 21 days. (I can challenge you for this)

It’s very important that the thing you want is actually what you want. Because your intention and determination will decide whether you would form a habit out of it or not. You will have to continuously tell your brain that this is what you want and explain it why it’s so important to achieve it.

Once your brain accepts it , you will not have time to make excuses anymore and the habit will continue life long.

“Motivate Yourself in Your Voyage to New Habits.”


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