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How To Enjoy In Relationship Prism

Each one of you must have experienced a “Love Relationship” as it is Human Nature To Love And To Be Loved.

As our life changes from time to time similarly relationship also undergoes through different phases and these changes help in building relationship mature and strong.

As per my experience 😉 almost everyone goes through below phase or love life stage.

1. Attraction

Initially when we get attracted to someone, there is eagerness to impress and know the person.  Continuously thinking on how to impress the person and start doing things which other person likes to do just to spend more time with the person.

2. Friendship

Slowly we become friends and start sharing with each other.  Helping each other in problems, start meeting each other and knowing each other’s friends. During this phase, we also come to know if we have love feelings towards the person or its just infatuation.

As you go to next phase, my writing is going to increase .. haha !!


3. Proposal

One of the person propose to another and if the same love feelings are on both sides then there is commencement of love relationship.

During this phase, we get crazy and mad for each other. We do lot of things to impress (like writing romantic messages, singing love songs) and bring smile on each other’s face. The person means the whole world to us and we get so much indulge in each other that we ignore our friends, family and other people in our lives.

We talk to each other full day, find time to meet in busy schedule as well, buy gifts and flowers.

This may be the best phase of relationship as we found someone who love us, care about us and have time for us. The person with whom we can share everything without being judged and who accept us the way we are. We become top priority for someone. What a beautiful phase of life and I am sure each one you while reading may cherish your proposal time memories.

4. Commitment

After this beautiful initial phase, now we are committed, then relationship takes a new turn. Talking becomes daily routine, excitement goes a bit down and the things we used to impress the person may not be that necessary. Relationship grows and become mature but sometimes because of our immature behavior and endless expectations from each other results into clashes of thoughts and meaningless fights which brings bitterness in relationship. Also if we don’t like any of the habits of the person, we started to change the person as the way we want by continuously making him change.

As we all get bored at some point due to stagnant life, in the same way our relationship may become dull. So we should always do something exciting to keep the fragrance of relationship always fresh.

If we manage to keep the relationship alive in previous phase and love is true. And we decided to tie a knot with each other and take oath to spend our full life with each other.

5. Marriage

Then , we start  staying together and get to know daily habits, daily routines, liking and disliking everything. We come closer to each other, started shopping, cooking, watching movies together. This phase brings changes in both of our lives and additional responsibilities.

What goes wrong sometime during this phase(s)

  • It is quite obvious that you may not like all some of the habits of our partners because no one is perfect.
    • But we can always keep improving ourselves from each other’s good habits.
  • We become depend on each other. May be the things you used to earlier become less
    • But whenever your are sick , in problem or tension, the person will take you out from all those physical and mental sickness by love and care. You started to believe that there is a person who will hold you whenever you fall.

In the end , It is always better that that don’t keep your wishes and demand first ahead of your relationship as the pleasure you get in bringing happiness on partners face is more than getting your demands fulfilled and enjoy alone.

“Enjoy Being In Relationship With Same Love, Passion And Care In Each And Every Phase Of Life”

I know it’s tough to follow practically but lets give a try and share your pointers as well for healthy relationship 🙂



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