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HOW TO : Follow Your Passion [Secret Trick]

Want to follow your passion?

“The secret of satisfaction, often lies in asking your Heart what it wants …”

Almost we all sail in the same boat where we make new year resolutions, plan something to start new , plan to achieve goals, generate ideas , try to get sudden motivation by watching videos or by reading stories etc…

I think, the speed of evaporation of these things is faster than their persistence.

How many things still exist currently , at this very moment which you had planned one year back ?

This is exactly where we need to put the efforts instead of spending time in those things which are not even going to be valid in future.

follow your passion

I feel, these are the three keys to convert your immature thoughts into goals and then into reality.

1. Narrow Down The Scope

Write down the things you want to achieve and summarize your vision which you have thought on a paper
This will help to narrow down and finalize the scope

2. Half n Hour Each Day

Make sure you sit with the dedication for the thing which you have planned..

Start spending half and hour each day on your vision which you have seen.
Make this as a habit even though you don’t do anything in half and hour.

We tend to do too many things in the initial stage and then we suddenly stop and we don’t know when the goal gets changed.

3. Be Ready To Fail First

Read My Failure Story:- Failure A Step Towards Success

We do not accept the failure and want to succeed in first attempt itself. It’s good if you are able to succeed but it’s also good even if you don’t at first attempt.

I feel, second point is the trick to know whatever you are doing, is really what you wanted .

If you don’t feel for your goal anymore which means that , it is not actually what you wanted and it is obsolete now, then you probably should go for another goal.

Rightly said : “If you really want something, you’ll find a way (Daily Half and hour). If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

We all know this , but yet we find it difficult to follow..

So go ahead and follow your heart…. follow your passion !!

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂

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