Learn How to Kick Start Your Day –  by knowing the Importance of 15 and 24 in Your Day

The moment we wake up in the morning, our mind starts working at a light’s speed.

Most of the people tend to become sluggish at the start of the day itself.

This becomes more worse as the day progresses due to the routine impediments like traffic, rush, climatic conditions etc.

This is the where the mind gets disturbed adding to frustration, anger.

This increases an unwillingness to do anything that you thought would make you reach your goal

So why not start your day with a proper plan?

I think the way we plan our meetings, outings, travels, holiday, festivals, parties well in advance can also be applied to our normal routine.

So why not plan our day well in advance before we go to bed.

  1. Let’s just start by planning a wake-up time

Maybe you are in a habit of snoozing the alarm, so let’s this time try to break the rule by not hitting the snooze button.

  • Grab a pen and a paper and before going to bed today just put this very first item on your to do list
  • Yeah I know! It’s tough. Big things do not come easy man…!

This is the first challenge you got to reach and trust me one day you will be standing over there, besides your bed all awake, and you will realize that you did what you wanted.

  1. Make Morning To-Do List
  • Tick the items of your to do list as soon as you complete them
  • This ultimately gives a different joy and a feeling of achievement
  • Your mind starts to feel the taste of success, and it slowly starts accepting more challenges.

“Mind is like small child” – It will follow you wherever you want to, so take it to places, take it into doing the things that would reflect your emotions and your actions.

Brain releases Dopamine (a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain cells) as soon as we sense happiness on achieving something and which allows to release used up energy and regenerate dopamine helping to accept and achieve more such reward able tasks and goals in your life.

Starting your day with a plan allows you to focus more and automatically tells your mind to prepare itself to finish all the mentioned to do tasks.

I believe having a daily plan and how you start your day in particular, is incredibly important to live your life as per your terms and conditions. 

The first few hours of the day are more impact for making an enthusiastic today.

So, kick-start your mornings with an accomplishment and see your whole day become an achievement.

Rightly said:
“Never Begin the day, until it is finished on Paper”

Challenges and Risks are the food for a great Mind and a great Soul.

let’s inculcate it ,  15 minutes of planning is worth for your next 24 hours.