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How to meet Sachin Tendulkar ?

Now, If you are one of those great fans of Sachin, you would expect that I would tell you 1,2,3 ways to meet Sachin. Although partially true, this blog is more on how I found an interesting way to connect my passion with Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar doing flag for half marathon race

This was my second time at the IDBI Marathon and I knew the nook and corner of this place. My last marathon, the Lonavala Ultra marathon came as a big lesson to me. I was not able to complete it and I covered only half distance, out of the entire 50 km race. They say “Failure is a great teacher” and I really learnt a lot from it. I was more mentally determined to complete this race despite of the new impediment I faced.
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While preparing for the marathon and training with weights, I started experiencing acute pain in my back. I thought it would subside if I rest for some days and rested for around 3 weeks. The pain however never seemed to lower, and I finally consulted a physician.
One week prior to the marathon, the reports were out and clearly depicted loss of lordosis in my lower back. The strict doctor advised me for 3 to 4 weeks of complete rest, so that the backbone (and I mean it , “backbone”) my spinal cord can go back to normal position.

It burst like a storm for me, but as stubborn as I am, I decided to run this marathon despite the challenge.

How hurtful and depressing it is, to know that the enormous efforts you took, cannot be put to test when the time arrives. But I knew that if I stayed home, it would only hurt me more. Rather I will spend time seeing people who run and get myself motivated and elevate my willpower to overcome this challenge.  A complete rest only meant restrictions for my swimming, gym, cycling running. I had to now make efforts to turn the full stop to a comma to my routine. However the day before my marathon, I ignored the doctor and I woke up in the morning and  started for running my half marathon (21.1 km) , but since I was aware about my injury, I kept my pace to minimum.

The aim was to just finish and feel better rather than to rush and bring in more injury.

About to cross the finish line

 Running is a part of my life now, and that is what passion does to you. I am happy that I didn’t make this injury an obstruction to my passion. Finding that one reason to do what you love, is very important in life. That one reason! is enough. The efforts I took were more fruitful when I could meet Sachin at the event. It only made me realize that I was same to Sachin, at least in one aspect, of being passionate about something and achieving it no matter what.


21.1 Km Half Marathon finisher

I also admit that health is the relationship between you and your body.

For now, I have decided to take complete rest and work only lower back till I recover fully. I promise to come back more strong and more dedicated and would only take this impediment to make my goal more worth achieving.

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂

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