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Human Social Responsibility – Work Together for Betterment

Being a social worker always gives an immense pleasure to me. Extending that helping hand to the needful always makes me privileged.

I was taken aback by the picture of one of beach in India(Mumbai).

I visited this time as a part of cleanliness drive for the Versova beach.

Mumbai is a city of 18 million people, where only a few countable people,  participate in such cleanliness  drives. Although some participate for publicity, we do have some sincere and dedicated people, taking up the role of a responsible citizen.

It was the 100th week of this Clean up drive where 7.2 millions tonnes of plastics and filth was being cleaned from the  beach and ocean ,every time with the same spirit and smile  with a ray of hope that some day someone’s eye will catch up this noble cause and more hands would join to ensure the environment cleanliness.

Few weeks back, lacs of people were here on the same beach to celebrate Ganapatti Visarjan Festival (Indian festival) and today while tidying the same beach there were just a few people.

It was as though it’s just our duty to clean up the mess and that only we were responsible to take up this initiative.

I feel, this is a people’s country and You and I both are responsible to take care of this.

Hundred week’s work could have been done in few weeks if 0.01% of the total Mumbai’s population would not turn a blind eye to the junk that was building up on the beach.

India being a democratic country, if you have the right to blame anyone you want , then it’s also your duty to do whatever you can for the betterment of this country.

The best part was that we often blame the new generation for their adamant and arrogant nature  at times, but was surprised to see many young candidates who joined us in this precious  activity.

Remembering the slogan Gandhi ji once declared- “Divided we fall, United we stand”

Let’s help our Society for betterment and ultimately make our homes a better place to live in.

Let’s (C)are for our country (T)ogether by (S)haring our contribution towards betterment.

Share your contribution too !!

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂


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