Every individual in the world has great potential to achieve much more than their current state. This awareness helps to build our conviction to do something awesome, thereby giving more value to one’s own life.

Our organisation has not only trained me professionally but has also made me efficient personally. I got this opportunity to attend one of our Personal Excellence (PE) Training organised to train employees on how they can transform their lives with a positive outlook. So I wanted to take this opportunity to share the learning and benefit the readers.

Following Personal Excellence training  has strengthened my beliefs and motivated me to take necessary actions to reach my destination.

Overcome the milestones

I realized that an individual needs  positive acceptance of inner transformation to succeed If I want to chase my dreams, its utmost important to align myself internally first, understand changes needed in my core beliefs and take steps with a positive mindset.

PE shook me to follow all my dreams in personal & professional life and give more meaning to my existence. One more significant learning which I cherish is that  now my success is not dependent on external factors. “My Success” cannot be hindered even though there may be constraints which I need to overcome . Its important that you define your success and not some spooky person saying that “You have failed at this !”

In nutshell, I would accept myself to soar higher than what I was. I also realized that its a journey to find BEST OF ME and that achievement of dreams is just a milestone on that way :).

Positive thinker
Be a positive thinker

A mindset to grow and help others grow is important to pursue happiness . It is  something like Utilitarianism which means greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. With these leanings & awareness, I have started to implement few things at work and at home and tuning it everyday zooming microscopically, getting better & better. I am sure this will impact multiple folds and will have significant effect in entire ecosystem. I am sure that day is not far now :). 

In Life you can be happy only when you want to be. No one can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. 

Let my thoughts be your start and let you life be someones else’s motivation. Lets continue his trend and make world a better place to live..