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I am Realistic, I believe in Miracles..!

Do you want to know the secret to life?

It was that day of my victory. There was nothing more I could have asked for. Nothing else could have made me happier.

As if my fate, destiny or luck wants to prove itself to me. That they are still with me, that they won’t let me down. It was my reward for my unfathomable trust and belief that I put in. Was this actually happening? I pinched myself a bit, giving a wake-up call to my brain to believe what I had witnessed.

“What you actually Want, is What you get”. Was this saying true? Being an adventurous and curious person, I decided to test this. A two-wheeler, was no more comforting me. Ohh! sorry not the one you imagined. I am talking about a two-wheeler that took away my freedom to travel and see the world. A two-wheeler, that got me labeled as ‘handicap’. I was devastated after the accident, and no medicines ever cured me. I learned that my mind was the biggest barrier to my recovery. But I decided to try once more, with all my might. Once more to experience  life through a magical sight.

I read lots of books on life, destiny, luck explaining what you should do to get what you want. Soon I realized that these books are of no use, if I don’t have that deep desire and belief with an intention to recover. Most of the times, I have observed that people have a lot of wishes and desires and wants. But they generally fail to get them. Why? Is it that easy to get what you want? Or are these theories wrong and a total bullshit?

The problem is that most of the things you say you desire is only your reaction to a particular situation. Remember that day when you wished you had a car? That was only your reaction to the frustration when you were stuck in a traffic. Remember you said you want a job? The reason being that you messed up a task in the office. These all wants and wishes are temporary or rather only your reciprocation of those situations. Your wants do not actually have a meaning or rather a purpose.

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, that’s when you will be successful.”

And my hope for success in my case, was my only reason to breath. The Universe is always listening to you. To your mind, to your thoughts and testing the intensity of them. Your intentions create a great impact and brings a force into motion, that makes things happen. The clear your intentions, the more chances of it getting fulfilled. A want or a desire without any intention is fruitless and hence intentions are more powerful as compared to wishes ad wants.

It was only this intention and belief that got me rid of my own mental barriers. I have continued with my dreams of seeing the world on my two feet today. “Miracles happen if you believe in them.” And that’s what I did. Belief. It all lies in oneself. Because nothing can help you if you don’t want to be helped. Neither medicines nor a prayer.

Birth and death as certain in life, so is the power of your subconscious. What a pity, that a man often dies before knowing what he came with, in this world. He fails to recognize his innate power to achieve things and his gifted capabilities to create what he wants . Anything that you sow in this fertile soil of the mind,  shall grow. Be it hate, love, anger, mercy, pity. 

A hypnotist, takes the control of your subconscious and makes it believe that you can be cured and so does a Psychiatrist. What does that mean? Do you still think that it was the doctor who healed the patient?

Renuka Shastri
I have an optimistic attitude towards life. I love writing in my free time about my real life experiences. I believe Life is really more than what we think it is. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.."

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