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I Am Single – and I Love It!

Fall in love with yourself

Single is not just a status , it’s a word that describes that you are strong enough to live and enjoy your life without depending on others.

I know that feeling when you look at those couples and imagine yourself with your partner, that feeling you get when someone proposes to his girl and you feel why this doesn’t happen to me. But if it’s not happening to you right now ,doesn’t mean that it will never happen..

Relationships do have their own advantages but staying single doesn’t make you a moron either. Ever saw couples fighting over small things, and that depression that they go through when they are cheated upon? Thank god! I am single. Relieved isn’t it?.

Quick reasons to not feel sad about being alone. (Common , I didn’t say lonely !)

You can enjoy freedom do anything you want that too without a second thought. You can be with your friends anytime you want. You don’t have to ask any approvals before doing those things you like. Can you be happy with a relationship at the cost of your freedom?. Ask those prisoners, and they would tell you that it is the perfect reason to feel lucky being single.

Being single makes you ready for future.

The need to get into other relationship, the moment you come out of one is irresistible. It happens because your mind is used to that feeling of attachment and it looks for ways to continue that. But I think this will make the relationship worse.  You already know that you are just doing it for the sake of it and to fill up that emptiness in your life. Instead it is good to wait for the wounds to heal and give yourself a better way to cope with the anxiety that you face. Enjoy those alone  moments and work upon your overall recovery by engaging yourself in some autonomous activities.

Being single makes you strong.

Spending quality time with yourself, can bring you in communication with your inner self.

Knowing yourself makes it easy to know others.

Being in touch with your mind and soul makes you self-reliant and strong. Men consider a strong ,confident and an independent woman to be biggest attraction.

Every coin has two sides, and so being single  has it’s own advantages which you can have a look at it. Who knows , Soon you would feel silly getting into those idiotic relationships and feel content with yourself. Be happy for what you are. Don’t go in the past because you no more belong there.


So dance dance dance………., like it’s the last last night of your life  life, and trust me being single is hell addicting.!

Renuka Shastri
I have an optimistic attitude towards life. I love writing in my free time about my real life experiences. I believe Life is really more than what we think it is. "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.."


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