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Importance of Warm Up In Life

Warm up is where you prepare your body to do what you want it do. It is like telling your body to get ready to achieve what it can achieve.

We had a sports day at our workplace , and I had participated in Squash, Cricket and 100m Sprint.

I do not possess any mastery in any of this event, but  I still wanted to participate as I love sports. It relaxes you by releasing stress and physical activity for the body is always good to keep it active.

Me, first from left side (blue color t-shirt) Winning Bronze Medal

Why Body Require Warm Up ?

I knew the fact that when you play any of the sports, you require some training or some exercise to your body before you start performing in a full fleged way.  It boosts your body’s resistance power and you can withstand more pressure.

Since I had participated in Squash,  I had been planning to do some warm-up and exercise one week prior , to my match.  But My laziness overtook the player in me and I was constantly delaying my practice. I did not practice until the final day arrived and I had to move myself on the field.

I woke up early that morning (this time the player in me could not compromise) and successfully practiced only half and hour and built up the body to face the situation.

I played three match that day , but since the practice was not enough and my body  was not used to this,  there was tremendous pain in my wrist, hand, thighs, legs. My hand crampped because I did not do any practice with the Squash racket.

Due to my pain and tiredness , I had to skip my 100m sprint.

I realized one thing that day, the way sports require warm-up or regular exercise before you actually play with your opponent, similarly in life too you require warm-up or practice or some failure before you actually do things in life.

Fakling to do a warm up can have serious impacts and may be you may have to quit some goals in life (like I missed 100m sprint )

Why Anything in Life Require Warm Up ?

If you try to  do anything in life without experience,practice or rehearsal     then you may or may not succeed but definitely you will get some pain because you have never practiced same thing earlier (like warm up) So, do your warm up and  practice regularly to get a victory over your life.

“Life is almost like a battle field and achieving your aims and visions need a significant rehearsal and several takes”

You surely will see the difference in your results as soon as you find yourself ready to take the milestones and turn them to achievements.

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂

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