Does anyone of you know “Minty”?
I am sure none of you know her. But by the time you complete reading this blog, you might know her and she might probably even make some space of her own in your minds, just as she did in mine.

It was afternoon time, I was travelling to Borivali (Station in India,Mumbai City) in a local train. The ladies compartment was fairly full. 


Just then a girl of around 10-12 years age entered the compartment selling tissues. She had a small bag hung on her shoulders full of tissues. She was marketing her product – “Dus rupaye me tissue (10 Rs Per Tissues)” but nobody bothered to even look at her. But she was not dejected. She continued her marketing. 

The train stopped at the next station and Now a boy selling samosas entered the compartment. Since it was lunch time, he made a good business as soon as he entered.

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Four ladies purchased the samosas and the chutney from him and started eating.
By accident, one of the ladies’ chutney fell on her own bag. The lady wanted to clean her bag, but did not have a cloth or paper to clean it.

All this while the girl selling tissues was observing this. As soon as she saw this lady needing something to clean her bag, she rushed to her and offered that she purchase her tissues.

The lady immediately purchased two packets of tissues. 

The girl had done her business !!!

The train stopped at the next station. I had to get down here and the girl also got down. I asked her her name. She said – “Minty”.

I asked if she had ever been to school. She said – No. It might seem a small achievement for us, but for Minty, it was a sizable achievement.

She might not have learnt how to read and write but she has definity learnt how to be a little patient in your low times and how to make the most use of your opportunities.
I was amazed.

That day I learned that – Schools make you educated but your attitude in your tough times makes you wise.