A Happy Child She Was
She Would Do What She Wants

But As She Grew Up She Was Told
You Have Some Responsibilities As You Grow Old

You Must Know How To Cook
Work Outside The House Also You Must Look

When You Marry You Would Have A Family Of Your Own
With It Come Responsibilities Which You Should Own

With All This Firmly In Her Mind And Deeds
She Grew Up, Had A Job, Married And Had Kids

She Knew That She Could Not Fail
Even If That Would Mean Sometimes At The End Of The Day She Would Turn Pale

Job On One Hand And Family On The Other
She Had To Manage And Balance Among Each Other

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Both At Home And At Work She Excelled
But Somewhere Within Her, Some Emotions She Withheld

One Day She Sat And Thought To Herself
She Did A Lot For Others, What Did She Do For Herself

She Did Not Have An Answer For This
Inspite Of Achieving A Lot She Felt Something She Missed

From That Day On She Started Spending Time On Herself
She Sang, She Danced, She Read Old Books From Her Bookshelf

She Realised That She Is A Strong Woman
But Before That She Is A Human

She Was Now Joyful
She Was Now Cheerful

Taking Care Of Others Is Important She Knew
But Taking Care Of Our Own Self Is Mandatory She Got To Know New !!!

..Happy Women’s Day To All Lovely Women’s On This Planet..