Kick Boxing is a self defense sport. I started loving it when I recently took up the classes. Previously I was afraid of the fights and the jabs and crosses. I thought I could only end up getting hurt with all the bruises on my face.

The first day at kick box class was rather a difficult one. The rule was very simple though – “Protect yourself”.

Hey wait! Do I need to learn some sport to protect myself?  Like, Shouldn’t that come naturally to human beings already?  Perplexed by that question, I came to know that what I was talking about was survival and not protection. Convincing myself about the difference, I was standing there right next to my trainer watching over the previous class of participants practicing their moves and tricks to hit the other.

Keep calm, and Kick Box!
I started with my class and the only moment I was not afraid to do a jab was when I was hitting the bag. That’s the reason I love kickboxing with a bag so much. After all it can just swing back and not hit me back.
Slowly I learnt the moves, learnt the correct posture and above all how to protect my face.  And you know that thing with the kicks? Without any power? It all Therapy ways happened with me that the person hitting me with a kick was so strong and I couldn’t ever retaliate it. I knew it would take me a lot of time to hit it hard. I wanted to feel like a super woman kicking hard.

And within 3 to 4 weeks, gradually I learnt to at least defend myself better. It was a good feeling! The kicks? Aaaaaa… not so good better. They were becoming more powerful.
I slowly realized that learning to kickbox, was not only a defense mechanism but also had a lots of other advantages for me. Some of these were quite obvious.

1. More relaxed after kicking
Ohh, this one is my first favorite thing about Kickboxing. “Kick and Release”. So whenever I think my kicks are getting ineffective, I remember someone I need to kick and then the kicks are so better. Great sport isn’t it? Basically, just a way to let out your stress. No wonder why I always feel so relaxed and stress free after a session of kickboxing.

Train your mind to train your brain

2. Being more alert
The kickboxing technique needs you to always be aware of the partner opposite to you. Your eyes, ears, legs, hands have to be in full co ordination to defend yourself and alternatively hit the person.  It totally activates your conscious mind and hence a best exercise to exercise your fore brain. The dopamine and other happy hormones secreted will only help your brain grow more stronger and develop better defensive mechanisms.

3. Life Lessons
Ofcourse, its just a sport, but guess what? It has also been silently giving some golden rules for life.  Some days into this sport and I suddenly realized that in life there are many things that try to hit you and kick you in the face but you have to learn to defend yourself from it.
There can be many people affecting you , many things like a big break up , a small rejection, a piece of jewelry you lost, or a wrong decision you made but don’t let them pull you down. You have to find a way to retaliate and to not let the other person or that thing event hurt you.

Building a strong defense mechanism is very important for survival. Ahhaaa! That’s how they re connected.  Kick boxing is not only a sport or a defense mechanism for me but it also has taught me how to handle things in life.

Release Stress, Go kickboxing. Need to be fit, keep kickboxing. And if sometimes you are tired, just have a break , drink some water , wipe off the sweat and this time kick hard!