I was returning back from office, another hectic day in Bangalore. At least locals were a nice escape in Mumbai from this road traffic. Cursing my own decision to move here, I was moving towards the exit gate of my office premises.

 And I saw a bus coming, even in Mumbai I was not expecting to get a place to sit but here i got a bus that too in just 2-3 min wait time. It was the best thing happened in the whole day. I was smiling and so happy that and get in and patiently managed to get make space for me.

And another surprise was waiting for me, a strange girl offering her seat to me. I didn’t believe it. Puzzled I asked why? “I am getting down in the next stop” she replied. Oh! trust me I wanted to hug her. Wao! she made my day, oh not day  she made my evening better. I think unexpected happiness brings even give more pleasure. My flat is 10 minutes away from the bus stop. I was running in hurry because my almost empty stomach was on strike. And suddenly, an old women in her 4os held my hand. I asked “what happened Masi”? 

“Please buy one“. She forwarded a box of tissue napkin towards me. I said I don’t want it I already have . Don’t know what struck me, I stepped back few steps and holding her weak hand, offered her 50 rupees. I asked her to keep her napkins too, she can sell to other person. But she was not weak as her appearance she rejected to take money without selling her products. I thought it would be rude to deny so I took one napkin box and moved forward.

But it was not that I took only napkin box from her, she offered me a bright smile before I left which was enough to brighten my boring evening.  Her smile was a pure reflection of my good deeds. Trust me nothing ever satisfied me as her smile had.  I had nothing but my smile to give her back and I, with a satisfaction moved on towards my own way.

This whole series started with that bus girl offering me a seat. The happiness that her kindness gave me ,was carried over to the old lady. I would not have been so happy and kind had I not realized the importance of it through that girl. Lets make people feel the kindness so that they can also spread and share to the rest. Lets make a world a better and a kind place to live..!

Three Things in Human Life are Important:
The first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, the third is to be kind… !