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Life is a Bike – Motivation is a big thing in life

Motivation is a big thing in life. Without it life can be lifeless.

In the way a bike requires a kick to start the bike, Motivation is that trigger which starts the bike of your life.

Continuous changing of gears in a bike is a perfect for the changes and ups and downs in our life.

We need to gear up according to the speeds required to establish our motives.

The main point is to always keep on moving towards your goals and never slow down.

  • The more you increase your gear, bike’s speed increases, in the same way the more you keep yourself motivated, the more energy you feel and more the focus you create on your goals.
  • Riding a bike always gives fun and happiness and hence makes the ride joyful.
  • Life is happy and joyful by achieving success and by increasing that motivation factor.

The moment you slow down or stop, the bike will stop too and so shall your motivation.

  1. Keep Life in Higher Gear

Enjoy Life ride

  • The speed of bike is a biggest factor to decide on how fast you can reach the destination.
  • Similarly, the speed of your life decides how fast you achieve your goals. The more you are motivated, the faster you reach your success, and apparently your goal.

2. Be Consistent in the speed of motivation

Be Consitent

  • Sometimes it also happens that you start your bike at a full speed and stop suddenly
  • The jerk that you feel can also be felt when your motivation for your aims and milestones suddenly dips down to 0. This can be an early indication of your ride or rather your motivation coming to an end.
  • We all face such situations in our life where there is no more motivation left and life becomes redundant and boring.
  • For the motivation to boost up you need to be proactive. Instead of completely putting an end to the bike, start with a slow pace and then slowly keep on adding the gears as you start witnessing the success in your life.
  • It is not always easy to keep yourself highly motivated. Being consistent is one of key factors in keeping up the speed or the level of motivation in your life.
  1. Enjoy the ride of Life

Life Is a Beautiful Ride

  • Embrace the ride of your life with open arms and hug it for a while to bring that confidence and motivation in you.
  • Obstacles are bound to erupt and let them erupt and after all that’s what they are for to hamper your life.
  • Yet make you strong, to make you understand the importance of a smooth and well-built road.

“Safar, khubsoorat Hai mazil se bhi”(Journey should be more beautiful than the destination ..)

Enjoy the journey of your life, increase the gears, slow the pace as needed, put on a helmet in case of obstacles and make it a thrilling and memorable experience that would help you achieve your goals

Rightly said:  “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”

Nirav Shah
I am and will continue to be Runner, Trekker and contributor to society. Passionate about creating online platform - , , 🙂

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